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  1. DotedOn

    Many years ago, I studied interior design. There was a subject about Persian carpets… The teacher said (and I hope you can understand it because my English is weak :)): The women who make these carpets, always purposely leave a “mistake” or “error”, because they believe than the only perfect thing is God. I guess then that flowers are humble too 🙂

    • sheketechad

      That concept is new to me, and such a lovely one that it gave me goosebumps. Thank you for introducing that into my thought processes.

      And your English is mahvelous dahling 🙂

      • DotedOn

        hahahhahahahaha… Thank you! It took me 10 minutes to write it in a way that it made sense 🙂
        And according to my kids, my English sounds more like Apu (from the Simpsons… Even though my mother language is Spanish and I should sound like Antonio Banderas :)))))

      • sheketechad

        (looks around furtively) I may be the only person in the US that has never seen The Simpsons, so the Apu reference escapes me.

        But, Antonio Banderas…(deep sigh) him, I know 🙂

      • DotedOn

        Apu is the Indian guy who owns a ….. (has it all store) 🙂
        I don’t know many famous Indian people… But if you do, it seems that I sound like one of them 🙂

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