My Digital Eye Queue

Candy for your Eye Queue

My bus, Lil Just ENuff, caught between the red glare of the highway sign and the post light beside it.

Out My Door 2

A new series for nomad life… Instagram: hineni1962

Out My Door

I’ve been playing with the manual settings on my camera (gasp!)  This trio is on my rosebush, and it struck me, the three stages: Newborn – Youth – budding, so much potential Mid-life – goals achieved, opening up one’s petals to the light Maturity –…

Three Stages



And I bet you thought I was talking the stars…  This is a garden star for me, the lovely Cosmo, which popped up from my wildflower planting, much to my delight.  Threw in a little wildlife for you there too 🙂 The color of this…

The Cosmos